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Transforming Food Safety and Transport Inactivation Media Worldwide

Leading with I.P. Breakthroughs in:

Rapid Detection & Unmatched Accuracy

Leverage the industry’s fastest and most precise enrichment with Actero™ Media. Now introducing our Multiplex; halving your tests, maintaining accuracy, and driving down costs.

Streamlined Disease Identification Assistance

Our groundbreaking media eliminates the genetic material deactivation step, slashes preparation time, and ensures samples are safer and ready for transport.

Efficient Lab Workflow

With Actero™ EZ-Media Dry Bag, eliminate hours of prep work. No glassware, no autoclaving – just swift, accurate, and cost-efficient testing.

At Salus Scientific, we’re dedicated to raising the standard in speed, precision, and affordability in food safety and disease identification.

Reduce your sample enrichment time by up to 30% for Listeria and E. Coli and up to 70% for Salmonella.

Elite Enrichment Media

Single pathogen testing for Listeria, Salmonella and E. coli

Global First!

Multiplex Enrichment Media

One enrichment enables simultaneous detection of
two or three pathogens with a single test result

There has never in history been a reduction in the price of food safety testing until now.

Listeria Media’s Superior “Time to Results” Comparison To World’s Leading 24 LEB Media

Second Generation Actero Media

Less is Better

  • Lag Phase: 7 Hours
  • Log Phase: 10 Hours
  • 18 Hour Complete Testing Result

Thermo Fisher
24 LEB Media

Less is Better

  • Lag Phase: 12 Hours
  • Log Phase: 12 Hours
  • 28 Hour Complete Testing Result

Previously renowned as the fastest enrichment media for Listeria and E. Coli, Actero Elite Media now sets an even higher standard. With the introduction of concurrent testing for multiple pathogens, your lab can achieve unprecedented speed, enriching for 2-3 pathogens simultaneously and cutting down on total processing time significantly.


Quicker Results for Listeria


Quicker Results for Salmonella


Quicker Results for E.Coli

See the Savings in Time and Labor

Tired of lenghty media preparation?
The Actero EZ-Media Dry Bag eliminates the need for measuring, mixing, and autoclaving, saving time and reducing human error for more consistent results.

EZ-Media Dry Bag Method


10min - Connect

Connect supplied filter to pump tube and Actero™ EZ-Media Dry Bag tube.

15min - Fill

Set pump to dispense deionized water into the Actero™ EZ-Media Dry Bag. After, disconnect tubing from the filter and replace the cap on the bag tube.

5min - Mix

Gently massage the Actero™ EZ-Media Bag to mix the medium.

And It’s Done!


Reduction in preparation time

Autoclave Method *


15min - Container

Ensure all necessary equipment and consumables are scheduled for use. Rinse containers with distilled or deionized water.

45min - Measure

Shake the powder media to ensure ingredients are mixed. Measure the powder media and pour into each rinsed container.

10min - Mix

Mix the media in the containers until fully dissolved.

60min - Autoclave

Autoclave cycle of 15 minutes for 1L of broth and time can vary with different sizes of containers.

50min - Cool

Broth must be cooled before using and stored according to instructions; estimated cooling time is between 1 to 1 ½ hours, depending on volume.

*Example used is for 20L of Buffered Peptone Water ISO

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