About Actero™ Enrichment Media1

Time consuming and inaccurate test results through false positives and false negatives are an ongoing issue in industries, services, and research labs. Especially in the food industry, the release of contaminated products to the public has resulted in human and pet illnesses and also death. In the midst of several reputation-damaging and high-profile news stories covering the lack of due diligence by food testers, questions have arisen surrounding what would be required to ensure proper testing methods that take both safety and business best practices into consideration.

The solution to improving food safety is the patented formulation of Actero Enrichment Media.

The patented Actero™ Enrichment Media is a revolutionary new product created by Salus that answers the food industry’s need for a more efficient food safety testing process. Universally compatible with any pathogen testing system, Actero™ Enrichment Media is a groundbreaking, enhanced formulation that significantly reduces pathogen testing incubation and enrichment time without compromising the ability to produce accurate test results. Actero™ Enrichment Media offers three distinct advantages in the bacteria growth phase available on the market today:

  1. Single-step enrichment
  2. Fastest “time-to-results”
  3. Targeted accuracy.

Specifically, it makes the timeline for the sample enrichment growth phase up to:

  • 30% faster for E. coli and Listeria, and
  • an amazing 70% faster for Salmonella.

While other pathogen tests require multiple enrichments, longer incubation times, and more media per sample, the patented Actero™ Enrichment Media offers an enrichment medium that combines these requirements into a more efficient, single-step enrichment process that guarantees to increase productivity and product fresh shelf life!

The Science of Actero™


1 The Actero™ Enrichment Media referred to are the patented “Elite” group of Actero™ enrichment media formulations.